Tricon BIM Ready

Posted on Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Tricon Services have recognised the importance and benefits that achievement to BIM level 2 project delivery will have on the organisation and have commenced the necessary steps to ensure total capability of the same across the company with a target date of October 2015. The company has already measured its Strategic objectives and carried out a Gap Analysis excercise to establish the shortfall and set out a plan to be delivered. This includes a series of measures such as an IT upgrade to deliver the processing power and storage requirement for full 3D modelling on a Revit MEP platform but further the deployment of a new 4G based site information portal on tablets to give frontline operatives the necessary information quickly. Both internal and external resource training on the collaborative working methodology associated with BIM to ensure full acceptance and integration of the principles of the new working practicies together with restructuring of the business and revision to the companies ISO9001:2008 accredited working procedures to integrate the requirements of PAS1192-2. In the New Year the company will commence with a program of supply chain review to ensure all integral partners are also in the process of achieving level 2 and helping those with guidance that require it to do so. Please return in the New Year and we will post further updates of our progress, but remember, if you are looking to deliver a Level 2 project then we are ready now to deliver on a project basis, but by this time next year it will be standard practice!3D Model Example