Tough Mudder, Yorkshire – Broughton Hall, Skipton – 7th August 2016

Posted on Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

Our slightly insane ‘Tough Mudders’ consisted of Martin, Sarah, Sharron and Craig.

Our ‘Mudders’ got pushed to the max having to endure 11 miles of rolling hills and coming face to face with dark woodlands, deep bogs and thick, swamp like mud, along with 20+ obstacles ranging from sliding and plunging into a freezing cold dumpster filled with 10 tons of ice, jumping from a 12 foot high platform and landing into cold water, and pushing, pulling and rolling through 60ft of slick rotating barriers, just to name a few!

They had to summon up every bit of strength and mental grit, and completed the course in a respectable 4 hours.






After ! (with a well deserved beer ! )

After !
(with a well deserved beer ! )